8 Super Effective Tips for Getting Relief From Braces Pain

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Braces Pain

Important Braces Tips

Did you know that there are approximately 4 million people currently wearing teeth braces in the USA? And this number is estimated to increase next year as it is a significant jump from last year’s numbers. Most of these people go through braces pain, or discomfort at some point during their braces treatment. It is normal to feel braces pain or sometimes feel sore teeth from braces. Are you also the one who made up excuses to not meet your orthodontist for your next tightening braces appointment? Or are you strong enough and drag yourself to the clinic?

Either way, we understand that you need help to ease the pain. Here are some tips that will help: Consuming ice-cold water, ice cream, or cold juices can numb your braces pain for some time. It gives the same effect you get by rubbing ice cubes on your bruises. But do not skip brushing your teeth afterward if you are using anything surgery like ice cream or juice.

One of the best remedies for braces pain relief is to gargle with salted warm water. It can provide you with relief from braces teeth pain and soothe sore teeth from braces.

Eating hard and sticky foods are a big no when you are on teeth braces treatment. That kind of food can break or damage the braces and their wires. So temporarily say bye to the hard candies, chewing gums, nuts, and other hard and chewy food. Instead, opt for mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cereals, and other soft foods.

We all know that massage relaxes sore and painful muscles of your other body parts. But did you know that massage leaves the same effect on your gums also? If you feel braces pain in your gums, massage them gently in a circular motion for some time. Apply ice for a cooling and numbing effect.

Oral anesthetics gels are readily available as over-the-counter medication. These gels will ease your braces pain and will help you sleep well. Some of these gels are safe for babies with upcoming teeth. You can rub these gels gently with your finger or a cotton swab on affected areas.

Orthodontic wax is mainly prescribed with braces treatment by your orthodontist. It is a nontoxic wax that you need to apply over the bracket and wires that are troubling you. Orthodontic wax protects your teeth, mouth, and lips from getting sored and bruised.

A Proper dental hygiene routine is imperative with teeth braces. Food particles get stuck in your braces brackets and wires generating bacteria. Thus you should brush, floss, and use mouthwash after every meal. Regular dental hygiene will protect you from further braces teeth pain due to tooth decay and gum inflammation.

Braces pain and discomfort are temporary. But the bright smile on your face and freedom from all kinds of bite problems will be lifelong. And with the tips provided above, it should be easier for you to sail through your braces treatment. So keep calm and let the orthodontists do their job.

  • Consume Cold Substances
  • Gargle With Warm Salt Water
  • Eat Soft & Mushy Food
  • Massage Your Gums
  • Rub Oral Anesthetics Gels
  • Apply Orthodontic Wax
  • Follow Dental Hygiene
  • Keep Calm

Signing Off

Your orthodontist will place retainers after braces. This is a critical and final stage of your treatment. Retainers are less painful, and they come with fewer restrictions in comparison to braces.

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