All That Parents Need To Know About Palate Expander Treatment for Kids

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Little Girl Having Teeth Checked by Doctor Dental Clinic
An expert will always suggest parents to start their kid’s orthodontic treatment at a growing age as early as possible. It becomes complicated in teenagers and adults. The jaw and the teeth are still in the growing stage in childhood. It makes it easier and quicker to correct any misalignment at an early age. A palate expander is ideal for treating any malocclusion. It is also known as an orthodontic expander.Read on to know more.

What is a Palate Expander?

A palate expander is a device used to treat and prevent dental issues in kids. It is majorly used to widen the upper jaw of the kids. It can treat crossbite or scarcity of space for new teeth to grow.

Why are Palate Expanders Meant Only for Children?

Usage of Palate expander is suitable for kids only because their jaws and teeth are in the growing stage. In adults, it fuses to a point where it is tough to stretch or reshape them. Whereas in kids, they can be easily extended and moulded.

It is recommended to prescribe an orthodontic expander before the child becomes teenager. You can start your kid’s treatment as early as 6 years old.

What’s The Process?

Every Palate expander is custom made. They are inserted in the back of the mouth. They got to fit in top teeth at the end with the help of its halves. The halves connect in the middle. Each time you turn the screw, which binds them, it creates tension in both the palatal bones at the opposite ends. Thus, the jaw gets broaden. There is a unique key that is designed to move the screw. The dentist will tell you when and how much to trigger the Orthodontics expander with the key.

The Orthodontics expander needs to spend 3-6 months in your kid’s mouth to acquire the desired results.

How Painful is The process?

It is not a very painful process and much simpler than the braces. Your kid might take time to adjust to the Palate expander initially. But they will get habitual gradually. A little discomfort can be felt around the nose or under the eye area. The reason being the bones of the jaw connected with the rest of the mouth. Any medically prescribed painkiller can be taken if required.

What Can Be Treated?

Palate Expander can treat a few dental issues. One of them is crossbite. In this condition, the upper jaw is narrow in comparison to the lower jaw. As already mentioned, the Palate expander expands the upper jaw, so this problem gets resolved. Widening the jaw creates more space for teeth to flourish. That solves the issue of crowded teeth. Few other issues, like breathing problems and impacted teeth, also get resolved.


There is not much aftercare required. However, brushing after every meal is very important in all orthodontic treatments. Your mouth needs to be clear of any food stick to the expander. Therefore avoid hard, sticky, or chewy food for your kids. Please encourage them to brush more properly and for a longer time.

Take full advantage of your kid’s growing age. Call Koch Orthodontics to get expert advice about the requirement of a Palate expander for your kids.