Experiences You Will Have After Braces Removal

A Smile Can Change Everything

Braces Removal
Are you looking forward to the day when your braces will finally come off? If you have been having braces for quite a long time, you might have forgotten how it would feel without them. But what happens when the braces come off? Will your mouth feel any different? Here are a few things you will experience after braces removal:

Straighter Teeth

You’ll notice that your teeth are perfectly straight after braces removal. Not only will your smile be perfect, but you can avert a host of problems that come with misaligned teeth.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Your favorite foods, apples, corn, and hard candy can make a comeback in your diet. You can chew gum again, without worrying about food getting stuck in your braces.

Easier to Chew Food

Having misaligned jaws means it might have been more difficult to chew food. After braces removal, you will see how significantly easier it is to chew food.

Easier to Clean Teeth

Your oral hygiene routine will get easier after braces removal. You don’t need to religiously clean the surface of your tooth and floss between your teeth once your braces are off. And it will be easier to clean the entire surface of your teeth without using special equipment for it.


Wearing braces for such a long time can mean that your teeth have stained and turned a little yellow. Now that your braces are off, you might need to get your teeth whitened, and after the removal of your braces, you can.

Mouth Calluses

Wearing braces for years can cause calluses on the insides of your mouth and lips. One of the first things that you will notice after the brackets are off is that you have sensitive skin and calluses where you had braces. Calluses first develop when you first get braces, but then you stop noticing till the braces come off. But don’t worry, these go off fairly quickly.

Tender Teeth

Teeth become a bit sensitive after braces come on. When you get your braces off, your orthodontist has to use some force to get the braces and glue out of your mouth, leaving your teeth and gums a bit tender.

So while you are free to eat what you please now, stay away from hard foods for a few days after the removal of your braces.


Getting your braces removed might not mean your treatment is over. You might need to wear a retainer after braces indefinitely at night to prevent teeth from falling back to the same position. Sometimes you need to wear the retainers for a few nights only. It depends on your orthodontist.

Additional Treatment

You might need other additional orthodontic treatment other than braces. You might need additional help with other issues like spacers, partial braces, or retainers.


After braces removal, there is a time period where teeth take time to settle. Sometimes without wires and brackets to hold them in place, teeth might still shift. This is a temporary phase called settling and can be handled with retainers.

Smooth Tooth Surface

Now you can enjoy the smooth surface of your teeth without the additional baggage of metal wires and braces.

No More Wire Tightening

After braces removal, you don’t have to visit the orthodontist to get your braces tightened every month.

Better Sleep

Jaw misalignment or crooked teeth causes numerous jaw problems. One of them includes bruxism, i.e., grinding teeth at night. After your teeth straightening braces, you will experience almost no jaw pain because of bruxism.

Improved Speech

Braces shift teeth to the proper position to improve speech impediments that might have been caused because of misaligned teeth.

Flaunt those Pearly Whites

Now everyone can notice your bright, braces-free smile, so make the most of it, and flash those pearly whites.

There are numerous permanent after-effects that come with braces removal. However, orthodontic treatment doesn’t end when braces come off.

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