What Not to Do During This Festive Season If You Have Braces

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Christmas Braces
Christmas is the time to party, meet friends & family, and most importantly, a indulge in yummy feasts. If you have braces, you can enjoy the festive season, but you must be careful.Follow these tips on how to care for braces and enjoy the festive season without any worry or pressure.

Say No to Sugar

The bacteria in your teeth feast on sugar. The acid produced by sugary foods and drinks weakens the enamel layer leading to tooth decay. Children are most vulnerable to this problem if they don’t brush properly. Thus avoid any sugary food or drink as much as you can as you don’t want to deal with sugar related problems when you have braces.

Stop Using Your Teeth for Everything

While you are on any orthodontics treatment , you are supposed to be extra cautious. You can’t keep tearing gift wrapper tape or decoration tape with your teeth. You can’t eat anything which is not soft enough to break by your figure. For the sake of your braces, you should not forget this in the flow of the Christmas.

Brushing & Basic Oral Care

Brush for two minutes straight with fluoride toothpaste twice every day. Cover all the corners of your mouth. No matter how tired you are or how late night it is. Never skip brushing before you go to sleep.

Don’t Brush Immediately After Meals

Wait for at least an hour before brushing after the Christmas meal. The food and drinks prepared are very acidic. They leave your enamel weak. Thus, please wait for some time to ensure it doesn’t get damaged by your brushing.

Don’t Skip Flossing

Yes, you are very busy planning, partying, buying gifts, decorating, and meeting people. But that is not an excuse to get lazy with flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. You need it more than ever in the festive season if you care for braces.

Don’t Forget To Stock Dental Wax

Dental wax protects the soft tissues of your mouth from the sharp surface like chaffed braces wires. So keep them handy for oral care in case of the braces trouble you during the festive season.

Don’t Give in to The Desire

Compulsory braces care doesn’t magically disappear with the festive season. You must stay away from the sugary, chewy, and hard foods. Look out for other yummy substitutes like cheese, yogurts, and smoothies.

Appointment with Your Orthodontist

Visit your orthodontist at the start of festival season to get advice on how to care for braces. Book an appointment at the end of the festive season also if required.

A Small Reminder

Christmas comes every year, but your braces is a once in a lifetime treatment. So it is imperative to care for braces along with the celebrations.