Why You Need Orthodontic Spacers

A Smile Can Change Everything

Orthodontic Spacers

Orthodontic Spacers

We all know that braces treatment is the first step towards a perfect smile. But did you know sometimes Orthodontists need to prepare your teeth before the treatment using spacers for braces? They put orthodontic spacers in between your teeth that move the teeth away from each other. The Orthodontist places the braces in the space created by the orthodontic spacers. These spacers are made up of either metal or rubber. Orthodontic spacers are also known as orthodontic separators.

Placement & Purpose of Orthodontic Separators

The placement of separators for teeth is not a complicated process. It can be completed on a regular visit to your Orthodontist. First of all, separators like elastic rings are slipped between the teeth with dental floss help. The floss is removed afterward. The orthodontic separators remain in their place to create space between molars and teeth.

Apart from using spacers for braces, they are also useful in curing some dental issues. Orthodontic spacers can also treat ectopic teeth and morals displacement.

Duration of Wearing Orthodontic Spacers

In normal conditions, you will need to wear spacers for 7-10 days only. But if required, your Orthodontist will not remove them until orthodontic treatment is completed. Your rubber orthodontic separators might get replaced with metal ones during this time. Their position can also be shifted a little bit to suit the ongoing braces treatment.

Different Materials of Orthodontic Spacers

Spacers are commonly manufactured with the following materials:

  1. Rubber Orthodontic Spacers – They resemble rubber bands.
  2. Metal Orthodontic Spacers– They look like a small metal ring

Is There Pain Involved in Wearing Separators?

The intensity of pain involved in putting separators depends on the tolerance of the patient. Some people experience extreme pain. On the other hand, some people feel minor discomfort only. However, there is a certain amount of pressure that is applied while fitting. It can lead to jaw pain or tenderness.

In case your molars are very tight and close, the orthodontic separators will need to create more space for the braces. This can be a reason that can cause you more pain than others. So we can say that the intensity and duration of the pain vary from patient to patient.

Oral Hygiene With Orthodontic Spacers

You can follow your regular brushing routine while on spacers. However, avoid flossing and eating sticky and hard food. This needs to be done to prevent the falling out of spacers.

What If My Spacers Fall Out?

Falling out of orthodontic space on their own is a good sign. It means that their job is done. Now there is enough space between your teeth or molars to fit braces.

But, if they fell out because of some external reason, then it is concerning. If you picked them out by pushing them or via toothpick, it’s not good for your oral health. They can also come out with some sticky food or flossing. If this happens, it will make your next appointment with the orthodontics difficult. Premature falling of spacers will make the fitting of braces difficult.

So if your orthodontic spacers fall out due to your intervention and not on their own, call your Orthodontist immediately.

Wrapping Up!

Orthodontics spacers are the first treatment you need to undergo for your dream smile and your bite’s proper alignment. So obviously, you should be cautious about following all the guidelines provided by your Orthodontist. And generally, they won’t last longer than one week.

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